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Mielipiteitä kaiken paskan keskeltä

Ilkka on ollut työkyvyttömänä 2017 lähtien. Ystävämme Borrelioosi, Anaplasmoosi, Bartonella ja Yersinia diagnosoitiin vihdoin 3 vuoden kohdalla, ja nyt seuraillaan miten lääkitys toimii. On toiminut jo osin, mutta pitkä matka vielä.

Lisäksi ykköstyypin diabetes ja kahteen kertaan murskaantunut Charcotin jalka, jolla ei enää koskaan kävellä normaalisti -- eteneminen tällä hetkellä (sähkö)pyörätuolilla. Tämän 3,5 vuoden aikana kehittyneen vaikean masennuksen myötä paketti on kasassa.

Siispä mielipiteitä ja ajatuksia, koska jonnekin ne pitää purkaa. Sitä samaa mitä kaikki muutkin. Yhy. Ajoittain toki muutakin, usein ykköstyypin diabetekseen liittyen. Joo, pyörittelen paljon ykköstyypin diabeetikoiden juttuja, mutta olen muutakin.

Islannin sumuiset muistikuvat

Viime vuoden reissu Islantiin on muistikuvissa vieläkin, mutta tämän vuoden Islannin reissusta on melkoisen sumuiset muistikuvat. Avaan ne tässä ja nyt. Muistan menolennon Icelandairilla menneen oikein hyvin. Nyt muutamia lentoja heidän kyydissä menneenä voin lämpimästi suositella. Muistan sen että alkuperäinen hotelli sössi varauksen, ja päädyin meren rannalle suht lähelle keskustaa toiseen hotelliin ensimmäiseksi yöksi. Jo tuona iltana oloni oli suht jäätävä, todennäköisesti happomyrkytys oli ehtinyt jo vähitellen alkaa siinä illan mittaan. Samana iltana tuuli aivan järjettömästi, jonka vuoksi hotellin asiakkaita kehotettiin pysymään sisätiloissa. Seurasin sitä siis huoneen ikkunasta, ja...

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Tallinn, Estonia: A cruise with Viking XPRS

Friday morning I had this fear, right after waking up, that my anxiety will hit me with force during the day. Because of this, I decided that it’s time to do something out of the ordinary in these days of COVID-19 uncertainty. I booked a cruise to Tallinn, Estonia. Just a little one, about 6 hours with Viking XPRS, one of the ships of Viking Line. Despite the ship would go all the way to the Tallinn port and it’s terminal, I would not touch the Estonian ground. At...

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Vienna cancelled & no amputation yet!

I was supposed to fly to Wien, Austria on March 30th with Lauda, but that got cancelled by Lauda because of the coronavirus (I suppose). However I was able to just change the dates of the trip for no extra fee, so now it’s scheduled to be happening in the end of June. Waiting eagerly, since I‘ve been twice in Austria but not yet in the city of Wien. The earlier trips have been to Salzburg (a very nice place, I do recommend!). No trips to elsewhere either now...

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Berlin, Germany

My trip to Berlin was already something like the 10th time I’ve been there in my life. I’ve always liked the city, and this time was no exception. Part of me would even want to move there some day. Since my muscle weaknesses have gone worst, it was a good thing that this trip was not a solo trip. Wouldn’t have managed it all by myself, or at least it would’ve been a massively different trip, so thanks, travelpartner! The flights were done as nonstops from Helsinki (HEL) to...

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Augsburg, Germany: FINALLY a Diagnosis!

Within about one month, I’ve been flying from Finland to Germany a couple of times solely in matters regarding my health. By using one of my new top 5 favorite airlines, AirBaltic, the journeys have been with 1 stop flights via Riga, Latvia. Everything on the flights has worked fine, and I think that I love the A220 planes they have :). Private Drivers On the first trip I got myself from Munich Airport to Augsburg with trains (Deutsche Bahn), which takes about 1,5 hours with a change at...

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Tsilivi, Zakynthos, Greece

My two-week trip to Zakynthos was bought before I was wheelchaired. Even though the destination was maybe not the best for a solo wheelchair traveler, I decided not to cancel the trip. I also had some valuable help from a friendly customer service dude at Aurinkomatkat to confirm special assistance at airports, my own airport transfer, and a room from the apartment hotel’s ground floor. The departure day was three days after my arrival from the earlier trip (Split, Croatia), so I did indeed have the opportunity to sleep...

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I Just Offset My Carbon Dioxides

So, I just offset the carbon dioxides of my flights this year, and will be doing that for the future flights, too. I did this first one at Carbon Footprint, where your money goes to carbon offset projects all over the world. This is something I want to do because even though I’m traveling a lot with planes, I do acknowledge the climate change is a real thing and everybody should do at least something about it. I salute Greta! She woke me up to do this. I do...

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Split & Hvar, Croatia

This trip to Split, Croatia was going to be my first to that country, since I’d never before been in the former Yugoslavian area. I booked the trip in a moment when I felt my health problems getting a bit too big for my head to handle, and decided I really, really need to calm down my brain by both getting away from everything, and fulfilling my lust of travel at the same time. The journey started September 2nd with an Air Serbia flight from Helsinki Airport to Split...

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10 Tips for Solo Wheelchair Travelers

I’ve been on a wheelchair for a couple of months now, and will be using it for at least the next several months, depending how my Charcot foot does it’s healing (if there ever is such). During this time I’ve been on three solo trips in Europe: Latvia, Croatia and Greece. Short background I COULD walk, but as all of the toes in the right foot are fractured in addition to damage on top of the foot, I’m operating on strict non-weight-bearing instructions. There’s bone material trying to push...

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My Airport Tips for a Newbie Traveler

If you’re just starting your traveling and are not yet familiar with the little worlds every Airport has inside it, here’s a few tips for you to make your travel experience smoother. Be Always On Time Do An Online Check-In Speed Up The Security Check At The Gate In The Plane 1. Be Always On Time Is there anything more annoying than missing your flight? Yes, there is. The people who miss their flights just because of poor time planning around the flights part of the trip. You should...

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