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Mielipiteitä kaiken paskan keskeltä

Ilkka on ollut työkyvyttömänä 2017 lähtien. Ystävämme Borrelioosi, Anaplasmoosi, Bartonella ja Yersinia diagnosoitiin vihdoin 3 vuoden kohdalla, ja nyt seuraillaan miten lääkitys toimii. On toiminut jo osin, mutta pitkä matka vielä.

Lisäksi ykköstyypin diabetes ja kahteen kertaan murskaantunut Charcotin jalka, jolla ei enää koskaan kävellä normaalisti -- eteneminen tällä hetkellä (sähkö)pyörätuolilla. Tämän 3,5 vuoden aikana kehittyneen vaikean masennuksen myötä paketti on kasassa.

Siispä mielipiteitä ja ajatuksia, koska jonnekin ne pitää purkaa. Sitä samaa mitä kaikki muutkin. Yhy. Ajoittain toki muutakin, usein ykköstyypin diabetekseen liittyen. Joo, pyörittelen paljon ykköstyypin diabeetikoiden juttuja, mutta olen muutakin.

Back to the Wheelchair (and a bit of Iceland)

Today I got home from the hospital, where I’ve been for a week. It all started during my trip to Reykjavik, Iceland, where I landed with an Icelandair B757 on Thursday 13th of February. During Thursday and Friday there really was nothing to do outside, since the storm winds started to be violent in Reykjavik. So after all of the hurricane force wind warnings, cancelled tour activities etc in the area, I really didn’t get out of the hotel(s) until Saturday. And on that day, I walked the litte...

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Progress regarding my Lyme’s

EDIT: The Lyme’s doc called and went through my results. As expected, I interpreted them correctly, and now we’re continuing with phase 2/3 of the meds (basically the same set). Of course there will still be the just-to-be-sure labs in Finland so that we follow the kidneys/liver in case they start to overreact to the antibiotics. Some exciting times regarding my Lyme’s disease. Had my blood sent from Finland to Germany in the end of January, and got the results a few days ago. Still going to have the...

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Finally some sanity

I had my latest Charcot checkup today, and it was a good one. No surprise there, because this appointment was not with the dimwit amateur muppet from the last clinic. So I finally have clear instructions what to do with the charcot foot. It goes like this: I really can begin passing weight for the foot I’m allowed to walk without the cast Preferably 2 crutches, not 1 As a target, full weight for the foot within February So it turns out that part of the earlier cuckoo’s instructions...

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The Story of the Foot

The story of my five-point-fractured Charcot Foot is continuing next week, when I’m going to the next specialist at a different surgical hospital here in Helsinki. Since my doctor at the previous clinic (in Espoo) was so clearly an amateur with her childish and rude behaviour, I do have to have a second opinion on what I should do with the foot in the near future. Of course it might be, that the amateur doc is correct with her instructions, but since I have absolutely no points of trust...

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Progress and Pain

It’s 2020 now, and time to update you with what’s happening regarding my health. Lyme’s disease The medical treatment to Lyme’s disease has now been on for over 6 weeks (or is it already 7..), and things have finally made some progress. The medication consists of a bunch of supplements, and 3 antibiotics: Azithromycin is an antibiotic used for the treatment of a number of bacterial infections. This includes middle ear infections, strep throat, pneumonia, traveler’s diarrhea, and certain other intestinal infections. Doxycycline is an antibiotic used in the...

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Needles, Borrelia and Charcot

It’s been a while since my last health update in English. so here it is. The pic above is from my previous flight to the borrelia clinic in Germany (it’s some part of Munich in the pic). There’s lots of things happening in two fronts — my original and still ongoing daily (probably) neurologic problems, and my Charcot foot (the fractured one caused by Type 1 Diabetes). I decided to launch a new probe to my original, main problems, which include but are not restricted to: Burning sensation in...

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All of the Metatarsal Bones are Fractured

Some new details from my first Charcot Foot checkup has emerged a bit afterwards. Instead of having just one metatarsal bone fractured, actually all of the five metatarsal bones on the Charcot Foot are fractured and deformed. The fractures are located at the bases of all of the metatarsal bones, so quite a widespread damage. Keeps me even more motivated to comply with the non-weightbearing guidelines when moving around. And on the other hand now I understand why the doc wasn’t optimistic about getting off the wheelchair this year. While digesting this detailed...

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On the Bathroom Floor

Today I finally took a long shower while sitting on the bathroom floor for the first time, since I didn’t have the strength to keep myself up and conform to the non-weightbearing requirements simultaneously. Took a wooden sauna bench with me to the floor, just to use it to get down and up again so that the Charcot foot keeps clear of any pressure or bad positions. Maybe it’s time to consider an actual shower chair, since the situation is not going to be improving in at least half...

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The First Checkup of my Charcot Foot

About a month ago I was diagnosed with Charcot Foot (the right one), the condition which causes bones to fracture inside one’s foot, thus leading to foot malformation. Last week the foot was x-rayed, and today I had an appointment with the doctor to hear the results. Actually I aso saw the results, and it wasn’t pretty. The Charcot process is highly active and ongoing, so no healing or ossifying yet. Blood circulation in the foot is overly active because of the inflammation caused by the Charcot process. There...

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My First Week+ with a Wheelchair

After getting the Charcot Foot diagnosis, I went and got myself a wheelchair, so now I have crutches & the wheelchair. The first few days were kind of getting mentally used to the idea of having to use it continuously for an unknown period of time. A period which is most likely going to be from several months to a year or so. While doing the brainwork, I did a couple of rounds with the chair outside, at the backyard and around the house, testing how consuming it is for...

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